Nigeria, the supposed ‘Giant of Africa’ has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. The never ending Boko Haram insurgency which started since 2009, mind boggling corruption where billions of dollars is being frittered away by heartless public servants and their politician accomplices, all manner of internet scams…

In 1988 Donald Trump made speculations that he will be throwing his hat in the ring in the US presidential race. Nobody gave the ‘Real Estate’ mogul a chance as the then Vice-President George Bush Sr was the front liner by the opinion polls to succeed the legendary Ronald Reagan.

Airport Project Fancy: Misplaced priority by Tony Ademiluyi

Professor Chinua Achebe ended his twenty-one year fiction writing hiatus by writing the ‘Anthills of the Savannah’ which is one of the greatest literary oeuvres to emerge from Africa. It was a 1987 Booker prize shortlist. The antagonist, Ikem Osodi was the…

Tony Ademiluyi

I am a writer with a bias for politics and foreign affairs. I am a Manchester United Fan and love to swim and analyze the news.

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